What are ‘One Day Swing Trades’ and the Auto Trade Management Console?

So you’ve seen the video showing our phenomenal results (hellooo, 1,000 pip trade!) but what exactly IS the UST One Day Swing Trades and the Auto Trade Management Console (both features that come *free* with this FINAL RELEASE of the Ultimate Swing Trader?

=== >> UST One Day Swing Trades << ===

In addition to the classic UST strategy, you can also incorporate tge ‘done for you’ way of trading, called One Day Swing Trades.

With this add-on, you get precise set-ups with exact entry, target and stop which are placed in the evening before you go to bed. Then, when you wake up in the morning, simply check to see if they triggered and completed. If they triggered and stopped out or didn’t trigger at all the trade is simply cancelled and that’s it. Easy, right?

One Day Swing Trades were tailor-made for traders craving frequent opportunities without the annoying time commitment.

You can use the One Day Swing Trades feature along-side the classic UST strategy or to replace it – try it for yourself to see what’s best for you. Either way, you’ll have access to both ways of trading with this final release.

=== >> The UST Auto Management Console << ===

This slick new console is really going to be your ‘life-saver’ when it comes to automating the trading rules of the classic UST strategy.

This user-friendly console will do the majority of the leg-work *for you*… including move your stops and exit at a specified percentage after you hit your first target. It can even automatically trail to your second target and lock-in pro(fit) when a certain number of pips is

I realize that may sound like Greek to you right now but let’s just say that the UST Auto Management Console performs much of the grunt-work like a Forex Robot… WITHOUT the unreliability.

This console will be awake all night while you sleep, monitoring the trades and making those overnight adjustments.

These 2 features are pretty darn cool, right? Our current UST owners think so. If you’re searching for a painless way to trade the Forex markets, the UST couldn’t make it any easier. Best of all, BOTH features are included in this last release – get on the updates list and set a reminder for Tuesday because registration begins then!

Hope this helped!


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26 Responses to What are ‘One Day Swing Trades’ and the Auto Trade Management Console?

  1. Larry Glickman says:

    Traveling back home on the 13th include please

  2. Mark says:

    Being an “old owner” of UMT & UTM – ready to get UST. Just wondering if one will have to have a computer “on” to have the The UST Auto Management Console execute trail stops and /or closing trades … or once you enter the entries, trail stops, & exits with the The UST Auto Management Console are all of these entered into the trading platform? I’ll be using MT4.
    Mark aka “mjsell”

  3. Stuart harper says:

    Sounds good

  4. Ric Richardson says:

    I have asked before but not yet received an answer – at exactly what time do the Signals appear on the charts to be traded ?

  5. Roger Wellesley-Smith says:

    I purchased an earlier version of UST.

    What will it cost to upgrade to the latest full version?


  6. Matt says:

    I also would like to know when to check for trades and does the ODST and the management program work for metatrader4?

  7. Mark says:

    Matt – yes the trade management software integrates with Metatrader 4 seamlessly. As for checking on trades it typically is going to be in the evening for most traders. Thanks.

  8. Mark says:

    Roger – yes, there is a nominal cost – we’ll have those links for you this week so you can do that. It’s a modest cost so not to worry.

  9. Mark says:

    Ric – sorry thought this one had been answered. There is no one preset time – there is flexibility and obviously we have people from all over the world so that time will vary some. However, the general rule is always NOT trading during the active sessions such as European and US market hours. Most trades set-up in the evenings during the quieter times of trade – now some places in the world that in the evening may actually be early morning of course. Regardless, it’s always once every 24 hours that we look for new trades. Thanks.

  10. Mark says:

    Mark — hello thanks for the question. Yes, to use all the features of the auto trade management you’ll want you computer on – or I know there are ways to install on an on offsite VPS but most just run their computer. If neither option is not feasible you can still trade just fine – we had people using the strategies for 2 years without this feature – but it’s certainly a nice luxury if you can. Thanks.

  11. Geoff W says:

    I’m also an owner of an ‘old’ version of UST, so I trust that your records will recognise that fact if I want to upgrade…..and I do….!! Looking forward to Tuesday.

  12. randy says:

    will the new automation place the trades for me ?

  13. Dave says:

    We still haven’t seen any results………why don’t you have a trade results table like the oringinal UST has….? It’s been asked for on numerous occassions…….proof is in the pudding isn’t it?

  14. Tony Cushnahan says:

    Looking forward to Tuesday

  15. HC Mostert says:

    Hi Mark.
    I bought your ust. system a year or two ago. You shall remind yourself that I have send you an e-mail regarding the funchuality of your system on my new computer in the past.
    I could not get it to work. Even with the advice given by you, it did not work.
    I gave it up as a bad yob, and never get it to work.
    With your new release, I realised that I have paid for it, and are entitled to either a workable copy, or a copy of your new release.
    I have send you an e-mail last week, asking you how to go about it, to get it work, up to now you have not responded yet.
    Now I would like to know whether you are going to give me up, already received my money, or to help me to get the old version to work.
    Kind regards
    HC Mostert

  16. Matt says:

    Is it necessary to leave the computer on in order to use the UST Management console? If so, could I operate the console through a VPS service?

  17. Mark says:

    Hi Geoff, yep! If you received an email from us notifying you of the release, you’re on our list :) Thanks. -Mark

  18. Mark says:

    Randy – the Console will not place the trades for you as this is NOT an automated system (none of my systems are… on principle). But we do give you exact setups, targets and stops which you can input into your Console to do the work for you while you sleep. The trades still have to be set up, but the execution is all automated with the Console. Hope this helps. Thanks. -Mark

  19. Mark says:

    Hi Matt – Yes, your computer will need to be on for the Auto Trade Management Console to work. You can definintely operate the console with VPS as long as it runs Windows. Hope this helps. -Mark

  20. Angela says:

    From the time the signal for the ODST is received, approximately what is the window to enter these trades? If one is asleep or away from the computer when the signal arrives, how does one know if it is still a valid signal to enter?

    What sort of average return has the ODST produced?


  21. ronw says:

    The ODST give you a setup each hour for 4 hours. The last hour it is usually closer to the market than the other 3. However, you might have already triggered in on say the second hour..or not till much later that night. It is always valid till about noon the next day. It had produced over 500 pips each month since December release.

  22. vivian says:

    Does the price of UST include lifetime Trade Manager or just one year?
    If just one year, what is cost thereafter ?

  23. Donald says:

    Will this system work with the Think or Swim platform?

  24. ronw says:

    No, you need Tradestation, Ninjatrader or metatrader 4. I chart on Tradestation and place my orders through TOS.

  25. Frank Lobach says:

    New to this ,so what is the cost to purchase UST now please,and what kind of support is available ,for how long and what instruction to use it is there?
    cheers, Frank Lobach

  26. ronw says:

    It costs around $600 and I trade it live each night in my VIP room. The program is very, very easy to learn and use..less than 1 hour. Everyone here at Netpicks is a Coach and a Trader, so if you need anything we are just a phone call or email away. We have some of the best support and training for Traders anywhere.
    Coach Ron

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